Find information about my screenplays here.

THE BLACK KING western biopic

185 x 275

Bass Reeves

The true story of Bass Reeves, the first black U.S. deputy marshal and his desperation to be the best despite hostile conditions and a conspiracy to end his life.

(Also developing a Bass Reeves TV pilot called SPADE)


THAT’S JUST GAYE! R-rated comedy 

When a woman who’s only dated gay men is pursued by a straight, she must decide between the safety of settling with her sword crossing fiancĂ© or risk being hurt by a proud lover of vag.


WAR FOR THE OAKS urban fantasy (writing first draft) War for the Oaks cover

When a rock musician  finds herself unwillingly pulled into the supernatural faerie conflict between good and evil she must believe in her talent to tap into her power to save us all. 

(Based on a book by the same name by Emma Bull) 

AT THE END thriller

On a dead end street in a desolate place between Queens and Brooklyn called The Hole, a woman must decide whether  to save the captive her abusive husband loves, at the same time she struggles to save herself.

WE FALL DOWN thriller (outlining)

A preacher struggles to lead what’s left of her congregation to escape the church when an angel of the Devil, looking for a single soul, appears during service.

BREATHE IN contained thriller (rewriting)

A woman believes she has finally found the love of her life until she learns his secret. Now she must decide if she’s willing to lose her humanity to keep his love.

SHOP short film

This is a suspense thriller running about six minutes in length.



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  1. Thank you for your Amen to my tweet and reply to Commander Hadfield- arts and science need each other to explore and discover (am over the planet that he responded to me !!) – I see you have written a screenplay about Bass Reeves- I imagine you know about Matthew Henson – navigator for Admiral Perry’s expedition to the North Pole – some say he carried Perry to the Pole …….. I haven’t seen a film about Henson- yet………….

    • I must admit that history is not really my thing. I’m a math/science/creative arts gal. Bass Reeves came to me in the very unusual way of Morgan Freeman begging for someone to write him this guy’s story. Never heard of him before. The more I learned the more I fell in love with his story.

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