Billie Jean Van Knight

I’ve always been an avid reader and changed from writing prose to screenplays when I moved to L.A.  It took me about seven years before the screenwriting classes, lectures, and books all blended in my brain to produce a really great screenplay.  I continue to learn and practice the craft everyday. I take this moment to apologize to those of you who were kind enough to read my first screenplays and assure you all I have been similarly tortured by other beginning writers. 🙂
Sometimes, I’m not sure where I am or where I’m going but I know that right now, my heart’s in Minnesota, my body in Los Angeles, and my mind in New York City.  My home could be anywhere, I could be anyone, but right now I’m here and I like who I am.  But ask me tomorrow.


  • Working at a major studio in jobs from mailroom to studio operations.
  • Having my best friend in LA work as the Executive Assistant to the President of Film Development, then following him to start his own Production Company.
  • Working as an Assistant Production Coordinator on Killer Movie.
  • Working as a Casting Assistant on multiple shorts and indies.
  • Working as a background performer for TV and Film through Central Casting.
  • Learning from screenwriter’s stories on twitter, podcasts, and life.


  • Internship as a playwright’s assistant at an Off-Broadway Theatre in NYC

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  1. You have definitely gained a new fan! So glad I actually got to meet you in person, I’ve only read a few of your entries and have already fallen in love with your writing style! I’m an amateur at all of this but to actually have contact with someone seasoned is nothing short of amazing! Please keep it up, you are definitely inspiring those all around you! 🙂

  2. Nice writing. Since you write screenplays, I have a friend who created a great program. is a free, online screenwriting program that allows for collaborative writing–seeing all edits immediately. Would LOVE your feedback. We’re looking for screenwriters to try it (it’s free) and tell us what they think. Thanks so much!

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