Everyone Gets to the Climax Differently


This is an unplanned post to a question someone asked on twitter: “Do you usually come up with characters or plot first?” So I thought I’d sketch my process real quick.

This is just off the top of my head. I’m not a comedy writer so don’t analyze why this was on the top of my head, just work with me.

  1. I think wouldn’t it be funny to have two lesbians that look so much alike, one tall one short, that everyone mistook them for sisters?

    –That’s the nugget. It’s not a plot, it’s not anything. Just a stupid idea that could be interesting.

  2. So who are these lesbians? Where did they grow up? What do they do? How did they meet?

    –By answering these, and about a hundred more questions, I know who they are and which one has the most change in her (the protagonist.)

  3. Will she sacrifice the love of her life to keep people from thinking she’s in an incestuous relationship with her sister, losing her dream job because of it?

    –A little plot there. What are the obstacles? What will she loose? Who’s/what’s keeping her from her goal (flush out antagonist.)

  4. Then what are the end of act one (inciting incident), end of act two (all is lost), end of the movie (the end of the movie dang it! Do I have to spell everything out?)

    –These are your pillars to hang the rest of your story on.

  5. Fill in the rest of the story between the pillars and you have an outline.

Obviously, it’s a lot harder than this makes it sound but it is an overview of what I do.

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