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Circle of Life

Circle of Life (Photo credit: ChimPo)

That’s right.  I had nothing for the title.  Maybe because this week, I only want to tell you how grateful I am.

I started this blog at the same time I started twitter.  I’ve been amazed at what a beautiful thriving community of screenwriters it has.  So many things it took me years and money to learn, laid out to the world for free.

Recently, I decided to volunteer to read a writer’s script who was asking for help on #scriptchat, a weekly twitter talk about screenwriting.  The whole two hours I trudged through writing comments on his script,  I was thinking how much of a waste of time this was.  He would be like so many other writers whom no one can tell anything.  This man asked for brutal honesty and I gave it to him.  It really sucked.  What astounded me was how well he received the feedback.  I got lucky, (<– St. Patrick’s Day reference) he listened, he asked questions, and he thanked me.  It was wonderful.

He didn’t know it but he opened my heart to reading more scripts for people.  And a lot of the screenwriters on twitter don’t know it, but they teach me how to be a better writer every day.   Which then makes me a better help to those whose scripts I read.  It’s The Circle of Life!  Humma ba ba, heh, a humma ba ba.

They say everyone can learn from their mistakes but the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.  Keep sharing your mistakes and your knowledge.  It’s a beautiful thing to help others be wise.

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