Oh PC, why don’t you love me?


I have a problem.  I just joined Twitter and every response I think of to other people’s tweets will be viewed as offensive to somebody.  Sometimes even me.  Apparently, I only have the ability to not offend people when writing in greater than 140 characters.  I never noticed how much I flower things to make them palatable to a greater audience.  Now that I think about it, I have never been good at pretending.  That’s one of the reasons I do so poorly in L.A. but so well in NYC.  L.A. is about who you pretend to be and not who you really are whereas, New York doesn’t have time for anything but who you are at your core.

All this is why I have never been attracted to social websites.  I gotta keep my mouth shut.  One should know one’s weaknesses.  Freedom to say, “that guy hasn’t put a decent ending on a movie since 1999,” does not exist.  Short comments must bypass the filter in my brain that says people will think you’re an idiot, or a mean girl, or any number of things that will make them not want to work with me.

Wait, I think I know what my problem is.  Brutal honesty.  That has no place in Hollywood.  That filter my short comments bypass must be a spring shower of white wash.  Look! This post is going through there now.  Ahh.  Erased or softened like a proper post should be.  Bless you long format.

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